Michiana Math Tracks in South Bend, Indiana

Michiana MathTracks serving South Bend, Elkhart and the Michiana area in Indiana.Michiana MathTracks is a South Bend not for profit organization dedicated to increasing the basic arithmetic skills of all area children, especially those in Title I schools.

Michiana MathTracks works with the Daily MathTracks curriculum, a daily sequential math worksheet program designed to be used in primary classroom grades K through 4.

All students work at their own pace through the same materials. In this way, children who learn more quickly can advance and be challenged, while children who need more repetition can review as long as necessary to master their work.

The goals of the program are for all children to memorize and master their basic math facts, to gain a number sense, and to develop concentration and calculation skills fundamental to higher levels of math.

This 2018-2019 school year, Michiana MathTracks will reach more than 450 kids!