Michiana Math Tracks in South Bend, Indiana

Why We Need MathTracksIn today's world, a successful student and citizen is expected to be able to pass many math exams and to matriculate from school with good math comprehension. In order to keep on pace with these requirements, the instruction of arithmetic calculation skills must start in earnest in kindergarten and be diligently pursued through the primary years. Children at an early age need to be able to handwrite and sequence their numerals, not just recognize digits on a keyboard. They need to be able to calculate with automaticity, not just count out answers on their fingers or on a number line. Daily MathTracks, as a supplement to standard classroom curriculum, provides a very time efficient way to instruct. This is especially important in districts with short teaching days. The daily sequenced computation complements spiral method curriculum by allowing for consistent drill of facts independent of the instruction of other coursework and concepts. Students are individually tracked and monitored so that classrooms do not have to be divided into high and low groups.