Michiana Math Tracks in South Bend, Indiana

Here you can see the results of our program and read about the extensive study that is being conducted on it.

2015studyBenefits of the Michiana Daily Mathtracks Programme for students living in poverty (PDF) 
Randall S. Davies & Rasha M. Qudisat (2015), Educational Research and Evaluation, Volume 21, Issue 4, June 2015

"The results found positive gains in the treatment group's math achievement at every grade level, transcending differences in socioeconomic status."


MathTracks schools denoted with "MT". Other schools are control schools.

Extensive studies of the effectiveness of the MathTracks program in South Bend Schools: 

MathTracks Year 5 Results - 2010-2011

MathTracks Year 4 Results - 2009-2010