Michiana Math Tracks in South Bend, Indiana

"MathTracks is a wonderful way for students to reinforce their math skills; especially at the Fourth Grade level, where they need reinforcement on multiplication and work on their divison facts. It's a great program because it incorporates not only computation but it also incorporates problem solving."

Mrs. Strom, 4th grade, Hamilton Primary

"The progression that the children have from starting in Kindergarten all the way up to Fourth Grade is just amazing because they start on a program, learn their facts, and continue and go on all the way to Fourth Grade and have a really good knowledge of the basic skills of math by doing MathTracks."

Mrs. Keller, 3rd grade, Hamilton Primary

"We've been doing MathTracks in my first grade classroom for 8 years. It is a fabulous program. Because math is an exact science it builds upon itself; we start with addition, then we go to subtraction, then multiplication, then division. The students move at their rate at which they are comfortable (hopefully quickly) and we can accomplish so many wonderful, foundational things with MathTracks. It's great!"

Mrs. Cooper, 1st grade, Hamilton Primary

"MathTracks is the best used 20 minutes of math you can do in a day! ...MathTracks is a great program. The repetition of MathTracks allows students to memorize their facts at school. It creates a healthy competition among the students. They encourage each other and congratulate each other when advancing to the next level. The students very much want to do these sheets and ask repeatedly throughout the day when we are going to do MathTracks..."

Mrs Beissler, 1st grade, Hamilton Primary

"The fact that my children have chosen MathTracks over the movie Happy Feet, and they have chosen to do MathTracks rather than listen to a chapter from a book, and also that a lot of my kids want to do more than one paper - some as many as five - are all success stories..."

Mrs. Friend, 1st grade, Harrison Primary

"It has given two of my low confidence, low ability students confidence and success."

Mrs. Boehman, 1st grade, Harrison Primary

"I was at first very skeptical. Since then I now feel that this is a necessary teaching tool for Kindergarten."

Mr. Church, Kindergarten, Marquette Primary

"...I have observed students going from being unable to write and recognize numbers 1-10 to writing and recognizing numbers 1-100, adding, and understanding number concepts. They progress significantly throughout the school year."

Mrs. Burns, Kindergarten, Harrison Primary

"My students are recognizing and writing numbers better and faster, as well as counting..."

Mrs. Leichty, Kindergarten, Marquette Primary

"MathTracks is an excellent supplementary program. It is well organized and individualized...I would eagerly recommend the program."

Mrs. Groller, Kindergarten, Hamilton Primary